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Due to the urgency of the COVID-19 global outbreak, the unique funding opportunities opened and led by the Israeli Innovation Authority (“The IIA”), we have decided to deviate from our usual business model for a short while and to offer our vast experience in securing funds from the IIA to companies and entrepreneurs who aim for these grants so as to help maximize the chances of new innovative developments to be funded by the IIA.


To be successful, a grant application has to stand out among other applications and have all the basics covered. This means that a well-thought-of strategy and structure of the proposal and a carefully crafted R&D outline and budget plan can make a great difference. By putting together a clear and persuasive grant proposal and by optimizing the R&D plan and budget design, we can help you increase your chances of achieving the development milestones and of getting your grant approved at the same time.


Specifically tailored for these special IIA grants Agbiopro offers a cost-effective, minimal yet crucial intervention that will elevate the level of drafting and boost your chances of securing funding. Our services include:

  1. Consultations on formulating filing strategy and filing structure.

  2. R&D design and Budget consultations (Milestones and tasks Vs budget).

  3. Reviewing the application and providing comments/suggestions to the wording as may be required.

  4. Providing advice on technical issues related to the filing process.


The process is designed to be as simple and effective as possible.

Step A

Download, review and sign our short and simple service agreement, which already includes confidentiality provisions.


Step B - Get started!

Forward the draft application for our review.


We also welcome a conference call or a video conference.


If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us:

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