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Our Team

Avishai Levy


Managing Partner                  


Mr. Levy is an experienced manager and a business development professional specializing in translational research, drug discovery (HTS, VS, AI) and agrifood tech. In his latest role Mr. Levy has served as the CEO of The Galilee Research Institute, a private 300+ employees multidisciplinary applied research Institute. Previously Mr. Levy was the CEO and President of Proteologics Inc., Delaware, a US holding company and the CEO of Rehovot, Israel Proteologics Ltd, a publicly traded drug discovery company whose shareholders, at the time, were Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and GSK. Mr. Levy has an established track record of successful deal making with some of the world largest global corporations, including GSK, Teva, Sanofi, BMS, Merck, ICL, ADAMA, Meriux NutriSciences and others. He serves as a board member in several ventures, including Immpact Bio, which develops novel CAR-T technologies and among its’ shareholders are Orbimed, J&J and Takeda. Mr. Levy’s academic records include Executive LL.M from Northwestern law school, Chicago IL, M.Sc. (Genetics) and LL.B degrees from Tel Aviv University and BSc, Agr. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Mr. Levy is a member of the Israeli bar Association specializing in IP and commercial law.

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Orna Harel


Managing Partner                  


Dr. Harel is an accomplished executive with extensive experience in value creation for early-stage projects, including developing financing strategies and raising R&D funds. Since 2012 She has served as the acting CEO of GAVISH Bio-applications Ltd., the business and commercialization arm of The Galilee Research Institute. During 2014 Dr. Harel co-founded a technology accelerator within the Institute. Since 2015 Dr. Harel managed the technology accelerator leading to the establishment of several startup companies.

She is especially proud to have a crucial constructive role in the development and building of Immpact-Bio Ltd., a biopharma company that develops disruptive CAR-T based therapies, and whose shareholders include Orbimed, J&J and Takeda. Dr. Harel continue to serve as board member of Immpact bio since 2017.

For the past 5 years, She served as a board member of the Israeli Technology Transfer organizations (ITTN).

Dr. Harel is an EMBO scholarship award winner. She earned her PhD degree in Biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was a postdoctoral fellow in the Cell Biology and Metabolism Branch at the NIH.

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Agbiopro has a network of top-notch highly experienced senior consultants. Over the years we have assembled an invaluable group of leading experts with whom we engage on an ad hoc basis thus providing our clients with the best value tailored specifically for their needs.

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