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We bring many years of experience working with academic researchers and entrepreneurs

Research and Development management

Over the years we came to realize that for an optimal result the BD, IP, and R&D should all be working in tight collaboration to generate synergy and create value for the company.

For best results, the R&D milestones should be designed to meet market needs and expectations.

These activities include:

  • Project planning

  • BD guided milestones

  • Building a strong IP position

  • Manage external collaborations

  • Identify project risks

  • Solve project issues efficiently

Business Development management

Backed up by proven successes in building and managing joint R&D collaborations with global players we continue to expand our professional network for maximal operational efficiency for our clients, partners, and collaborators. 

We have a successful track record of working with businesses at all levels of development establishing, structuring, negotiating and bringing deals to closure.

While we are constantly working on perfecting our skills and network in the global arena, we are also establishing our presence in the developing markets with specific focus on India.

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