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Licensing and deal-making

We support clients with their in-licensing and out-licensing processes, taking a flexible approach and tailoring our service to dovetail with the client’s internal capabilities and activities. Our typical process consists of the following steps:

  • Work with our client to define a partnering strategy, and agree on objectives

  • Review client data to ensure that they are fit-for-purpose and, where gaps are identified, work with the client to conduct additional studies

  • Perform a comprehensive search for prioritization of prospective partners

  • Develop an approach strategy for each prospective partner, based on our relationships and knowledge of the company

  • Work with the client to implement the outreach strategy

  • Facilitate access to confidential data, through a CDA and virtual data-room

  • Coordinate the communication between prospective partners and our client, and support negotiations of non-binding term sheets (we lead negotiations if requested)

  • Coordinate final negotiations and deal completion

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